Design endows a project with soul. At Myscape, we believe that when design is at the heart of a living space, it enriches life in more ways than one. When function and intelligence converge in a thematic framework, design emerges in its true, purposeful sense. It enhances every living experience.

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A villa complex must be much more than a number-based conglomeration of houses, whose only value is in the luxury of its space and amenities. It’s design should have a unique theme and identity that offers significance to the lives of its inhabitants. Myscape Courtyard is a project that sets out to achieve this ambitious goal.

One enters the project facing a large central park that forms the heart of the complex. The clubhouse is buried under a landscaped berm, such that it merges with the park, giving the impression of a much larger landscape. The berm also serves to insulate the public activity of the clubhouse from the villas that lie directly south of it.

While one set of villas are clustered around the central park, a landscape thread extends to the other plot, beginning from this park, running down the middle of the site up to its western edge. This takes the form of a linear sequence of pocket parks, each with its own theme - one providing for children, another for older people, and so on.

This motif of nature extends further in the planning concept of the villas, where public rooms are planned as a set of pavilions in a garden.

An architectural aesthetic of contemporary luxury, tree-lined boulevards, and a weave of landscape at scales from the public to the intimate, serve to make Myscape Courtyard a unique oasis within a central and well-connected location. All this results in the unique proposition of a villa set in a garden together with a garden set in a villa.

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Myscape MEA
Luxe condominium in Hyderabad

The design evolved to playfully arrange the 4 apartments per floor at an offset from each other to capture varying and private vistas for each. This also allowed each unit to present its individual face to the front and thereby lead to its name, inspired by “ME”.

The apartment units feature a floor to ceiling glass envelope that floods every room with daylight and face garden decks that run along entire lengths of the living and dining areas.

These decks are arranged in a staggered fashion to create double heights for each unit and form the dominant facade on the eastern face. Each deck also comes with its own gazebo - my garden villa in the sky!

A large double height promenade links all the units with various club activities on the ground floor, and a huge swimming pool and lounge area on the main terrace form other spaces for the community to interact and for recreation.

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